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KARBA Automotive has been establised in 1994, in the capital of Turkey, Ankara to manufacture truck mounted equipment regarding the demand of public and private sectors. Its main manufacturing contains; Fire Fighting Vehicles Sewer Cleaning Vehicles Garbage Collection and Transportation Vehicles Hydraulic Lifting Platforms Rescue Vehicles Solid Waste Collection Vehicles Special Purpose Service Vehicles Manufacturing in truck mounted equipment business, our company exports to 40 countries with its 150 professional personnel. We are capable to manufacture 800-1000 equipment annualy in our factory having 36.000 sqm manufacturing. Since its establishment KARBA manufactured 13500 equipment.
Our company is a manufacturer in the sector of "Equipment on Vehicle" with a vast experience of 50 years. We Provide Multiple Levels of Emergency Equipment, Vehicles & Services including firefighting trucks, fire trunks, garbage trucks, combine canal jetting vehicle, rescue trailers, fully equipped ambulances, fast attack/light tankers, canal sewage vehicle, street sprinklers, funeral vehicles, garbage / rubbish trucks etc. As one of the leading companies in this sector, we have added and still continue to add new equipments (by innovation) to our present product varieties. We will be happy to deal with your inquiries within a reasonable short time and hope to have a fruitful and long term relationship with your company.
Our activities, as of year 2009, continue to improve in productions of ; Combination of Jet-Vac Vehicles , Cesspool Emptiers , Sewer Cleaning Jetting Vehicles , Firefighting Vehicles , Emergency and Fire Rescue Vehicles , Compression Garbage Trucks , Skip Loaders , Fresh Water Tanks , Watering Sprinklers , Aircraft Ground Support Vehicles, Tipping/Dump Trucks, Aerial Lift – Manlift , Funeral Services Vehicle , Meat Transportation Vehicle and providing the best service for all those equipments. Besides all these main areas of production, any kind of special equipment that needs complex design study is prepared in the most efficient and quality way and got ready for production by our technical department.